Salad House


Our philosophy

The basis of our philosophy is EXPECT MORE.
Expect more from your salad, which at Salad House is no longer a side dish but a single, balanced dish, and above all abundant and tasty.
Expect more in the effort. All salads are seasoned, mixed and 'chopped' in a bowl, so that you can enjoy all the ingredients in every bite. Expect more variety - you can be healthy, but also more indulgent with your salad, choosing ingredients that range from tofu to bacon.
Expect more care. If something is off with your salad, too salty, too much dressing, too little dressing, we will only ever be happy to remake it for you. EXPECT MORE.

Who we are

Salad House was founded by Matthew and Venus, brother and sister born and raised in New York with an Italian mother, both repatriated to Italy, Matthew for University and Venus to pursue the Salad House dream.
When Matthew started his studies in Bocconi he had limited choices for the lunch break: sandwiches, pizzas, pasta... he lacked the abundant and already mixed salads that he could eat easily, even between lessons he was used to in New York.

Speaking with his sister, used to the corporate life of New York where were salads consumed in front of a screen, they began to build the idea of the first 'fast casual' salad bar in Italy - a place to eat well, healthy, and feel good after.

Our Values

Salad House's mission is to offer tasty, varied, and hearty meals for a busy clientele on-the-go.

The four ingredients of SH culture which guide all the decisions we make are:


Monday - Saturday | 9AM - 1PM
Saturday - Sunday | 9AM - 4AM


Monday - Saturday | 9AM - 1PM
Saturday - Sunday | 9AM - 4AM

Salad House for Companies

In addition to salads and bowls, Salad House also offers catering services for companies which include individual lunch boxes, perfect for office meetings or events.
The offer expands with single portions of dried fruit, fresh yogurt, fruit salad, and the 'pots': side dishes to be consumed as an accompaniment to your salad or bowl. They are high in protein or take up the great classics of side dishes, such as the 'Taormina pot' of fennel, oranges, onion, raisins, and mint or 'Santorini pot', flavoured with the classic Greek salad.
Contact us to ask for more information on how we can customize the offer for your office or for conventions!


Choose from more than 50 ingredients to create your salad, bowl, or salad burrito. Otherwise let yourself be guided by our menu!